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Top Tips to Save iPhone Battery

Are you willing to save your iPhone battery?

I understand the frustration of dead battery in iPhone. Any iPhone users enjoy using the different application on their phone, but low battery life really distracts them. Most of them charge their devices twice a day.

However, there are lots of ways to preserve iPhone battery life. Yet, most of them choose to turn off the services and features which take them away from cool features and services of iPhone.

Here are some top tips to save iPhone Battery:

1. Keep your eye on signal strength

The greatest offender for instant battery drain is mostly a weak signal, there is no great arrangement you can do about that. If you stay in the area with a weak signal, then you may think about turning Airplane mode on which continuously stops searching the life of your device.

It is better to use Wi-Fi rather than data internet package. Since it provides stable connection and stops mistreating battery searching for a signal.

 2. Check what drains your iPhone battery

While dealing with expanding or enhancing battery for iPhone, firstly you must check the application that drains your iPhone battery life. If you have iOS 9, check out the steps below:

  • Launch setting app
  • Scroll down to tap on General
  • Scroll to select battery choice
  • Scroll down to check out the app that affects your battery life in last 24 hours or 5 days

In addition, you should remember the iPhone battery drainers and consider while carrying out the operation. For an instance, Facebook consumes about 33% iPhone battery. Here you have the option to close Background refresh of Facebook or shut its notification.

3. Turn Off app notification

You need to be aware of the apps as some may spam you with unnecessary news. So, you must have faced with many notifications which you would like to check. Right?? Most of these app notifications are taking battery life, so it is better to cut off at the source.

For this, follow the simple steps below:

Go to setting> notification center and tap on any apps you do not desire notification

After that select “none” which you find the alert style and turn off “badge icon” and “sounds”.

4. Enable low power mode on your iPhone

While working with different iPhone version and iOS 9, you must be noticing one fine function Low Power Mode, which is activated automatically when your iPhone battery gets less than 20%.

After Low Power Mode is on, background app refreshes, mail fetches, and some visual effects are turned off or decreased automatically. This surely makes the life of your iPhone battery better.

To start Low battery mode on iOS 9 You need to:

Go to Setting > Battery > Tap to turn on Low Power Mode

When you turn on Low Power mode, the percentage of battery in the top right corner will be displayed in yellow. But, this feature is only accessible on iOS 9.

5. Change display setting

Your display is worthy of power and you may desire to shut it down instantly when you do not use it. For this follow the process below:

Go to Setting> General > Auto-lock and check if you can stay with a shorter time earlier the screen locks automatically.

Also, you can proceed towards Setting > Wallpaper and brightness and turn off “Auto-brightness” to conserve battery life. Set low brightness and adjust it up while you need. You can also consume a fine chunk of power.

6. Always keep background clean to save Battery life

Shut down the apps you are not using.  To shut down the application on iPhone double click home button to expel all the application that runs in the background. After that swipe up to close them.

Do not add lots of applications. You can uninstall the apps which you do not use. This way you get free space and improves your battery life.

7. Turn off Siri

Siri is always available in the background as default in iOS. It just waits to speak with you and uses some amount of battery in the background. So, it is better to turn it off when you do not use. For this, Go to Setting> General >Siri and then switch it off.

Wrapping Up,

These are all about the effective tips to save iPhone battery. You can find lots of ways to conserve iPhone battery life and most of them include switching off the services and features which takes you away from the cool things iPhone can do. Yet, you can turn it on when you need those features.

Do remember us for any kind of networking and hardware related problem you face. We will do our best to take you out of it.

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