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Top Roles of a Hard Drive Data Recovery Technician

With the increasing number of Sydney based companies like AIG tech, these days Data recovery services have become big business. Most customers look for the data recovery technician to recover data that is lost due to some flaws on hard drives. Some loss of data also may occur due to corrupted, deafening overall, or due to accidental deletion and distributed from the drive parts.

Data recovery from flash drives and the cellular device has also become the custom. Due to the importance of lost data, the Data Recovery Technician has the demanding role. For the past years, people had to be calm knowing their data was essentially deleted forever when hard drives failed to function. This cost them the loss of millions of dollars as the data is unable to retrieve

Today, with progressive technology at our doorstep, you find data recovery task quickly and instantly. Although the process may be time-consuming, and the Data Recovery Technician is the one who takes all the data recovery responsibilities from failed drives.

Since the Data Recovery Technician should become as straightforward as just to recover the data, there comes a lot of things to do and he takes accounts in lots of tasks. There are numerous data recovery methods.

Here, I will be focusing on the several roles  by Data Recovery Technician. To have a determined understanding of the roles influences us to praise the job.

Check out the roles of Hard drive data recovery technician:

  • Custom Reception

Some companies keep data recovery technicians just before customer to deal with customer service position. At the time customers get their data back, it is the duty of technicians who explains about the service charge.

Generally, this is the initial phase of customer service to impress the customer and offer them the service. Also, note all the information essential for data recovery process and the main cause of  hard drive damage.

  • Diagnose and look for different types of media

There are various media types for data recovery. The data recovery technician should diagnose every media types and effort to check the level of the harm and determine the data recovery appropriately.

After completion of diagnosis and data recovered, he should update an image of the contents of the failed media onto a discrete device. Then, should recognise all the mechanical, logical, removed, and computer code data recovery.

  • Carry out Quality Assurance and integrity testing

You must be aware of quality assurance. It is the last step  by Data recovery technician to make sure all the process is in proper manner. This involves inspection the eminence of the recovered files along with the media where the data is recovered.

Testing the integrity of the data recovery is also imperative as the image data should be similar to failure device. To Send a taster of the recovered data to the client for confirmation the main task that can be helpful while in testing the file integrity.

  • Collect and send client equipment and media

To receive different media that appear to recover data, the data recovery technician encounters sending them back to the clients. The procedure to collect and send are the simple concepts. The customer ships his device in the company for data recovery. After an work order and the Data Recovery Technician gathers the device from the different places. After the completion of the analysis, he proceeds to the motions to recover the data.

The recovered data is moved to another device as restricted by the clients. When the order is closed, the data recovery technician sends the device back to the clients after making all the payment. After successful data recovery, the customer recommendation and data sample shipping is done to the customer for confirmation.

  • Record customer Feedback

After carrying out the task properly, you need to ask them for feedback. The data recovery technician should make the record of the feedback. You can receive the feedback through email type, phone call or filling up an online form.

Usually, you can find the feedback  in the database for upcoming reference. The feedback  demonstrates the service speed, support, satisfied service and much more.

The final touch,

The major responsibilities of Data recovery technician can be both simple and troubling depending on the recovery challenges. The job encloses both administrative and technical works. Also, technician recovers data from the failed drives as well. To become a data recovery technician is satisfying job. As, you can solve someone’s problem and make them happy again.

If you are having similar problems and looking for data recovery technician. Find us for your help. We are ready to serve you with all the types of hardware support and data recovery service.

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