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Laptop Rescue Tips That Makes Your Life Easy

Are you looking for laptop rescue tips?

Today, the laptop has become a basic need for everyone, not only IT personnel. This may bring out some accident during the usage of the laptop even for the professional who ignores to escape from the use and introducing the things that are harmful to the laptop. Relevant to the cases that are usually found on the laptop, lots of accidents occur which may be the main cause for dead as well.

Precaution is better than cure. Everyone should understand liquid conducts electricity and when the laptop spilled fluid, both positive and negative contacts can come to short lead that damages the elements all over the occurrence of short circuit.

Mostly attack occurs due to power components. Shorted or short can only happen when elements of electric energized so the probabilities of the short circuit may occur.

If your computer gets a fault, earlier than you take it for professional computer and laptop repair, you can learn some tips to do it yourself. So, you do not know what to do? Do not worry, read the article. Here I will explain you some easy laptop rescue tips which you can try yourself.

Indeed, laptop or computer repair process should not be always long and troubling. There are numerous things you can do that instantly makes your laptop computer healthy like before.

So, are you ready to follow laptop rescue tips?

Find here laptop rescue tips:

If your laptop starts up normally but has the issues after it gets start like the screen freezing or runs very slow, follow these laptop rescue tips and tricks.

Restart your laptop

This may be a usual formula, but trust me it solves many desktop and laptop issues. It is quick and simple, so always try this at first. If your laptop screen is freezing, generally, shut down by pressing the power button until the laptop turns off and then click the power button the start again. If it does not turn off, you can force for the complete shut down by removing or replacing the battery.

Back up your files

Anything the problem be either your laptop is getting slower or even bigger problem. Instead of bearing the tension of losing files or data loss later, backup all your files to an external hard drive or you can also use online cloud storage such as Google drive, Dropbox and much more.

Run security checks

If things in your laptop aren’t going well and you are having a frequent problem with the laptop, run the security scan. Some mainly malicious malware or viruses can stop your computer to start. But, mostly, they may make your system slow or inactive.

Here, security plan comes to help to keep your mind rest and allows you to figure out malicious attacks at an early phase. If you haven’t installed security software or not satisfied with your security, then consult with the experts. They help you buy the best security software to keep your computer safe from attack.

Remove recently installed programs

If your computer has an issue after installing the software program or device, it is better uninstalling the last piece of software that you updated on the system. To carry out this safely, explore Windows Control Panel and select “Add or remove programs”. After you uninstall the program, look for the progress. If everything goes well, you can try to reinstall.

Check for duplicate problems

Laptop issues can occur if you have a couple of versions of the similar program running. You can examine if you have a numerous version of the similar program running with Windows Control Panel, which illustrates all the programs that you downloaded to your laptop. After you find duplicates, uninstall both the version and then again reinstalls. You can also browse the web for the updates.

Do not use more than one antivirus program

It is essential to protect your laptop with the applicable security software. However, using more than one antivirus software on your laptop may bring the conflict to your system. This makes your laptop sluggish and results in worst computer crashes. So, if you have two different antivirus programs installed on your device, active only one.

Check for and install windows updates

This is an upfront way to make sure your system is updated and should enhance the presentation and consistency of your laptop. Also, you can set up your laptop to check and continue installing Windows updates automatically. If you are not using the frequent updates, then give some time to download the updates.

Work on System restore

This is an influential and powerful tool that will fix many laptop issues by reverting your system to the previous state that worked well.

For this: Go to start> All Programs> Accessories> System tools> System restore or just insert system restore in the windows search box and run. After you get the main window and have an available restore point the date will be emphasized in bold. Then, click the date and just go after the stepwise wizard that takes you along with the process and the laptops gets restarted. After successful restoration, you get the approval.

The final touch,

These are some easy laptop rescue tips that make your work simpler. If these tips did not solve your problem, then your hardware device may be damaged, better consult with computer and laptop repair service provider.

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