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What are The Main Causes of Data Loss?

Mostly we may not be conscious of the real cause and risk of data loss. The main reason for data loss relates to our daily activities like the way we store, save, and handle our files. Since data loss may not be unavoidable with suitable precaution and protection in place, it can be prohibited.

The initial step to get familiar is about the early causes and threatening signs for potential data loss. When you have, this understanding you can make a further step to learn some prevention tips. In this way, you can be able to take essential steps to prevent data loss in the first place.

Indeed, data loss is comparatively common incidence.  For the computer users, it is nearly that you will ultimately feel some type of data loss incident that consequence in corrupted computer files or loss of data.

The main aim to prevent or minimize data loss occurrences is to understand what causes them and protect your computer if possible. Although the loss of data can be recovered, getting the help of data recovery specialists in some cases, but it can be expensive and time-consuming as well.

Check out the common causes of data loss

1. Accidental data deletion

We never desire to admit it, but the most widespread reason of data loss is due to human error. Everyone makes mistakes and it is comparatively simple to accidentally delete important files. And, the worst scenario is an accidental loss of essential files which can directly impact your whole device operation.

Find here some situation you should be aware of:

  • Files deleted from drives
  • Files larger compared to the capacity of the drive
  • Deletion of file permanently using Shift + Delete
  • Deletion of file using Windows Command Prompt

2. Hardware or System Malfunctions

Based on the data loss causes survey, above two-fifth of users, misplace data due to hardware or system malfunction. Yes, this type of data loss can be shown in different types of electrical failure, head crash, controller failure and more.

Here are some ways to avoid hardware or system malfunctions:

  • Work with your device properly
  • Work in safe, dry, and clean place.
  • Pick a low-traffic location to work
  • Use uninterrupted power supply to decrease the data loss risk due to power failure.

3. Formatting your hard drive accidently

The hard drive format may erase all your data that are located on the drive. You may get help from data recovery specialist to recover the files, but it is essential not to use the computer after you reformat a drive as you want to get back your files. If you use your computer in this condition, you may over-write essential data and reduce it uncovered.

4. Human Error

You may not believe, but it’s true that human error is one of the main causes for data loss. Usually, human error is of two types. Firstly, click delete or format button to erase accidently and secondly, create physical damages of storage device


  • Pick low traffic location for your storage device
  • Be careful while deleting file or formatting any storage device

5. Natural Disaster

Among the causes of data loss mentioned above, a natural disaster cannot be controlled. Some natural disaster like flood, landslide, earthquake, fires do not have any control and based on the research about 3% of users lost the data due to this type of disasters. Thus, it is essential to reduce the data loss risk due to the reason mentioned above, mostly the human error.

Safety measures:

  • Store essential but not sensitive data in cloud storage like Google Drive, Dropbox, iCloud, and more
  • UPS installation
  • Frequent backup of important data and store it in another storage device

6. Software corruption

You must have experienced sudden shut down of software you are using with no reason while developing an essential document of update an image. These types of scenarios are known as Software corruption which is due to the use of some analysis tools that takes too much memory.

Safety measures:

  • Make habit of saving your document instantly throughout the process of editing
  • Use diagnostic utilities with caution

7. Laptop Stolen

Based on the research from Gartner, laptops are stolen every 53 seconds. It can happen to everyone, even you. You should be careful and make sure you do not leave your laptop anywhere outside. Criminals are often looking for opportunities to harm your device.

Also, the capability to smear computer remotely for a laptop that consists of critical and private data is paramount to protect your business from a data breach. To get a proper backup surely assure you do not misplace the critical data.

Wrapping Up,

The data consists an important role in carrying out your daily operation. Just think about the day when you do not have to worry about data loss. That would be great, right? Do not worry, we will help you to establish a data storage process that works. Just connect with us to get more about the service we offer.

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